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The everyday stylings of a twenty-something with nowhere fancy to go; with the help of her one & only



OCT' 17


Throwback to beach life, with allllll the mocktails. 


Don’t fret about that reflection in the mirror, or that roll over your jeans;

Those feeling of being out of control, and anything but strong will not be in your future by any means. 

These will all be but memories in two years time...

You will have given up the bubbles, the spirits and the wine;

You will have ditched the bad diet and shed those unnecessary pounds.

Your spots will have faded, your skin will glow.


SEPT' 17


Autumn / winter is for VANS everyday, despite the 10 pairs of other shoes in the wardrobe...


Three of my favourite things in a/w styling; knitwear (an obvious choice), leather and my beloved VANS.

I'm always sceptical about the comfiness of trainers. I think their name and origin can often be pretty deceptive - I think I have gotten more blisters from trainers than I have actual shoes. Or at the very least - very very achey feet afterwards from the lack of comfort. Perhaps this is just me simply having terrible choice in trainers, but it is what it is I guess. These things have happened. 


SEPT' 17


Skinny, slim, mom, straight, tapered; light wash, stone wash, dark wash, acid wash. I mean where does it end?!


Hours - maybe even days. I think if I add up all the time I have spent over the years on the hunt for "the perfect" denim, you could equal this to days. And guess what, I'm still hunting! 



"Fitness, travel and all that we shall become, constantly changing. I'm Elvis, welcome to my evolution phase."