I am a firm believer that a huge part of style, is the beauty that is YOU. Your OWN beauty, which SETS YOU APART from anyone else. 

Don't get me wrong, the first thing I reach for in the morning is serum and concealer; but because I have learnt to invest time and energy into looking after my skin; I can happily leave the house with just the addition a slick of mascara. And this is MY kind of beauty. 

This didn't use to be the case. I used to depend on that warpaint to give me confidence, covering up the patchy, large pored and pimpled skin.

Then I realised that it would be much better to improve my skin; to get "that glow" and let that be my warpaint. 

I stock some incredible products which have helped me feel confident in my own skin - as silly as this sounds - I know so many have grown out of this.

It is SO IMPORTANT to get this back! Love the beauty canvas you have been given - don't try and mimic someone else's! 

Ask me about them 👇👇👇

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