Dream vs. Reality

The ultimate fight in your mind. 

We all have dreams. If you don't then you should. It's what makes us push to be better people. To thrive and expand out minds to get us to the places where we feel we need to be to be content in the world we live in. To wake everyday with a smile that say;

'Good morning Today, I own you. Today, you are mind and in my control'. 

But what happens when you chase those dreams?

You begin to live them before they are a reality. They feel so real and unattainable that they come alive before they are born. But your subconscious is still there holding the reign of reality. Telling you that you are not on that train to freedom just yet. You are still on the cold platform waiting for it to roll into the station. 

I myself am currently at the platform; constantly checking my train isn't delayed, although deep down I know, that at the moment my station is derelict; my dreams are sat in the depot waiting to be deployed. 

When you pursue your dreams and you're on he edge of the cliff waiting to jump, it can be hard to continue to accept your current daily routine as anything but annoyance. A frustration; an itch that won't go away, but you have to stick with it, no matter how hard it is, until your time has come, until it is the right time to jump. For this time, this dream like usual, you will find yourself waking before you hit rock bottom, and it will be with the realisation that this wasn't that dream we've all had 100 0 times, but this time it was you jumping. You taking control. Now your train has arrived and it is time to board. Time to make tracks. Time to make your dreams come true. 

If we push on with patience, and don't lose sight of today's reality before our dream transforms itself into real life, then anything can be achieved. They say, 'It'll be worth it in the end.' I really hope they are right because this platform is getting colder; my ticket says first class, and I'm ready to take my seat. 

Thanks from me, Elvis. I hope you enjoyed this. And thanks again from both of us at OBK.