One half of Us.

One half of us would be me; I'm Elvis. 

First I'd like to say thank you for your time visiting our blog.

So a few words about me, my thoughts and interests. I'm 34. I'm a Civil Engineer who will try his hand at anything. Just the other day, I styled Pippa's hair from an all dark brunette to copper fade. And I actually pulled it off. I;m sure Pippa shall post some pictures soon. Not bad for a Civil Engineer I must say. 

I think my job is the reason I like to dress well when I'm not working, as all day I'm in dirty clothes. I also have a strong belief that the way you dress represents the person you are. 

I'm a huge fan of tattoos, and have a collection of body art myself. Hugely created by the award winning tattoo artist James Allen, owner of Straight to the Point tattoos. I know that tattoos are not for everyone, but I think they are strongly becoming a huge part of the world we live in. A lot of people are against them; some of these people think it makes you a bad person. But I believe they create character when done correctly. I know people who do not understand  the reason for people having tattoos, but have still accepted me into their lives, and do not judge me for having them. This is much appreciated as far too many are quick to judge. And at the end of the day, it is all down to preference and opinion. 

My style; I like a slim tailored fit. I'm not a big bloke, so I like my clothes to fit just right. As a child, i never had super stylish clothes; I grew up around the time when baggy clothes and shell suits were cool..,but now it is stylish, clean and presentable. I have no qualms in going to the supermarket in a shirt and blazer for the weekly food shop. Slacks are for the gym. Nice shoes / boots are a must - dirty / scruffy footwear just screams lazy, plus your feet are important so look after them! 

Tailored shirts for a tidy look. I don't like the loose hanging fit - it looks messy and half hearted. Always keep your collars crisp.

Jeans and trousers, nicely sat on the top lace, not too long and not too short, pressed and perfect. When it comes to blazers, I go a size smaller in a slim fit to keep it trim. Too much around the waist can turn a good outfit into a sloppy mess. 

And remember to accessorise. A nice watch can make an outfit. And never be afraid of the 'man bag'. 

So that is a bit about me. Civil Engineer by day and a style fan by night. 

Thank you again, and remember, if you are comfortable in what you are wearing, then you're wearing it right!