What makes us different?

Since starting this blog, and the other social media platforms of OBK, the question we are asked most is,

"What makes you and your blog different from everyone else, and why should we follow you?"

That is such an interesting question for so many reasons. Some people ask it in a tone of cynicism and some people ask with genuine interest. The answer in any case is easy. 

No one is like us. Sure, there are other couples out there with similar interests doing similar things to us, but the reality is that no two people are the same. So how could anyone be like us? However, this doesn't sit as a satisfactory response for many, so the answer goes on. 

#BossBabe, Female Entrepreneur, #GirlPower, the list goes on...

There is a common trend around at the moment, which quite simply signifies 'Girl Power'. The Spice Girls hit may as well have made a comeback. Don't get me wrong, I am all for this. I would count myself as a strong and ambitious woman. I am driven. I am determined. I am almost obsessive when I get an idea in my head. I have a good job and a promising career. However , the reality is that this is just not my dream job. By dream job I mean the freedom of being your own Boss, and being able to work from anywhere in the world you want. 

So how does this make us different?

Well it is all about the people we work alongside. I say we; I mean Us. I say people; I mean person, Elvis. 

Now by this point you may be rolling your eyes, and thinking that this is just a soppy post, but I can assure you it is not. Elvis is my fiance. My life partner, my love. He is also so much more than that. 

His mind works in ways which mine does not. He has the same vision and passion as I do. He is an inspiration in so many ways. We have the same love for style & fitness - the need for that imperfect kind of perfection. 

Don't get me wrong, we disagree on things, and of course have difference opinions in some cases. Wouldn't you agree though that I have just listed traits for the winning business platform and partnership? 

That is what makes us different. We are the ultimate team on every level, and to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way. While I admire all those Women out there who want to do it on their own, I am proud to be working with my man. 

I would like to make one thing clear; I do not NEED to work with Elvis. I WANT to. Quite frankly he is something else. He is an asset to any business or project he is involved with. 

The question: Why are we different?

The answer: Because we are a Team. OBK is formed of two minds. Two people with respect for one another. Two people who have a vision; who could not be more excited to work with one another. Two people who want to make their vision a reality. Their vision to become the foundation of their future. This is real. 

Real life; our life.  Real passion, dedication, and most of all, fun. 

Well styled, well groomed enjoyment and love for our Partnership, our future, our brand.