Where am I headed?


Recently someone asked me why I wanted to build a business and work all day with someone I go home to every night?

Just from that question, I believe that this person is short on ambition and not as happy at home as they could be.

The answer is TIME. I use the word along with the other reason which is MOMENTS. 

Let's start with TIME; a very under valued word, a word which is taken for granted on way too many levels. Time isn't ours, pure and simple. It is borrowed. You have it and then that moment in time is gone. It cannot be replaced, nor can it be returned. Time comes and goes whether we want it to or not. We can;t control it. It is a certainty of life. They should add it to death and taxes; death taxes and lost time. 

So why has time become such an important factor in my life? Some might say we have plenty of it, but we do not know this for sure, so why waste any of it? And even if we did know, why not enjoy every moment of it?

SDo my new relationship with time starts with Pippa. I won't say Pippa changed my life, because life changes everyday, but I will say that it is because of Pippa that I know which direction my life is going in. Since being on the right path, I have left people behind, and this isn't because I no longer like these people, but because they are not right for where I need to be. Yes NEED. I NEED to be this person going forwards to be fully happy. 

And I want/need to do all of that with Pippa. Every possible moment. Why would I want to continue spending 12 hours of my day away from the one person who makes me who I am? 

Why would I want to waste that time being away from the person who is most important to me, when we could be doing what we are passionate about together, taking our borrowed time and investing in new moments, moments of our own to take on our life journey together. 

It is not just about us; it i also about our future family, our future children. I want them to grow to be proud of us, and thankful for us giving them a free future, a future in which they dont become cogs on the hears of work slavery as such. Being just another number making someone else rich, with very little thanks. 

So we have plenty of moments to come, proud moments as our brand OBK slowly but surely makes it;s place on this earth. So that is why I want nothing more than to set up a business with Pippa. Because time is precious. Waking every morning and spending it away from those who fulfil our being is a life wasted. That life is not for me anymore. It's time for me, for us to build our future before our time is wasted. 

Will we succeed? Who knows. 

Time will tell, but let me tell you this... If we fail, then we fail together, as a team with memories of moments of the time we tried together. FAIL... I'm being silly, we are a team, and when you are part of a Team you cannot fail. You can only learn and remember the time you spent together. What more could you want. 

Thank you again for YOUR TIME. I hope it wasn't wasted.