Accepting burnout, and being wrong.


It is silly and unrealistic expectations of commencing #operationbounceback at the same part of your fitness journey as where you left off. It is likely this was the peak of your fitness journey, and the reason you are here is that your body needed a rest. The whole point of this series is about easing back into a routine, to avoid injury and burnout. 

I should mention the reason for the creation of #operationbounceback is because I reached burnout. I have been guilty of silently stropping and veering off the health course these past couple of weeks. 

Who is to blame? Me and and only Me. Overdoing it may have been an understatement. I have been training 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day with very limited days off. So the fact that injury has hit, and burnout has been reached is not surprising in the slightest. 

Despite Elvis telling me to make sure rest days are incorporated into my routine, my head tells me that I am currently in the best shape,  have the best fitness level and strength I have ever had or been. I do not need as many breaks or rest days. 

This sounds absolutely ridiculous when said outloud, with insult to injury being added by having to live with, "I told you so."

So, here is my routine week for getting back in the game. 

1). Let your body do the talking. 

If it needs sleep, let it sleep! Within reason of course. I'm not suggesting  that you skip work for a day of sleep recovery by any means.  

2). Detox

The aim is to begin to flush out the bad foods and toxins, and get the good back into your body. It is key to drink water consistently, trying to avoid fizzy or sugary drinks. There is nothing wrong with these in moderation, but this is #bounceback - A couple of weeks where we say focussed. 

3). Get the good back in

BREAKFAST: Strawberry and banana protein smoothie.

When I reach burnout, I generally seem to grab the refined sugar, the chocolate and the stodge. So a smoothie is the best kind of breakfast for me. The consistency is thick, giving my body the 'stodge' it is craving. Tricking the body perhaps, but hey it works for me.  The fruit gives a natural sugar boost too. 

A litre of water, consumed within the first hour of waking up is a great way of starting to flush away any impurities, as well as hydrating the body after many hours of sleep. It is also great for energizing the mind and body, and is something I definitely count as one of my go to ways to prepare for a workout. 

LUNCH: Turkey, greens & mozzarella salad

Packed with protein and super foods, this lunch is also perfect for the summer weather, giving you a great mix of food groups, as well as an 'easy-to-eat-meal' in the sun. 


* Allow your body to recharge

* Naturally detox

* Eat clean

* Ease back into workouts

Above all; let positive mentality creep back! 


If you get the urge to jump straight back into a full-on workout schedule, resist the urge! Grab a pen, get on YouTube and find some new workouts to try on your next training day! 

  • *disclaimer: I am in no way an expert in diet or nutrition. These things simply work for me, and so I am sharing with you. 
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