That 'Rest Day' which lasts a month

We've all been there. 

Having achieved noticeable differences to our bodies after a lot of dedicated training, we decide it is time for a break. Time of our bodies to rest and rejuvenate. And rightly so! 

Our bodies need time to repair. They need some time away from the highly intense activity we put them through on a repualr basis. This is not to say that the activity is damaging, but like everything, our bodies need time to recharge. 

However, too many times have I done this, and slipped back into bad habits. I say bad; perhaps the word should be old rather than bad. Either or, this is definitely something which I have been guilty of this week. 

Where there is nothing wrong with veering off the lean and clean eating course, consuming fatty, empty calories every day to excess is perhaps not the option. Nor is completely ditching the morning routine which your body and mind has become accustomed to. Not only has my digestive system felt the change, my mood and general mentality has also suffered. 

So today, I decided enough was enough; time to snap out of the lull and get back on the horse, band wagon or whichever thing you feel is suitable for you. 

In the spirit of this, I have decided to add some of my personal fitness and routine to this blog. 

And so in the spirit of this, keep an eye on the site for what will be the start of a rekindled and positive relationship with food and fitness.