2017; the year of simple promises

As with the start of any year (or at the beginning of any era for that matter) those good inentiosn and promises of change have come to a head once again. 

This year though, I am going to make a promise to myself that I will not set any unrealistic goals, nor any goals for the sake of it for that matter. In fact, I am going to set myself only two resolutions. Two goals. 

Find me, and be me

Achieve dreams.

I know I have mentioned this many times before, but the last two years have seen my lifestyle do a complete 180 degree turn. I have found a love for fitness, a new found love for life and my life partner, Elvis. Amidst all of this positive change, I have found myself being sucked into social media, and on many occasions have obsessed over and into someone else's life. Comparing myself eve, which is just ridiculous. 

Social Media is a powerful tool for business; creating and gaining inspiration; and incredible platform for sharing thoughts, tips, skills and knowledge to the world. But it is all about healthy balance. It has to be, or it simply becomes unhealthy. 

For too long now, I have been that girl looking into the lives of others thinking, "I wish I could be as successful as her; I wish my stomach could be that toned; I wish I could have that bag in my wardrobe; I wish we could be that successful"; and so it goes on. As superficial as the majority of the above are, there is no reason why these aspirations can't become a reality.

A stating point me this, is for me to take inspiration as just that, and not get lost in a style which is just not for me - To stop trying to be something else. For this reason, 2017 is all about finding ME; MY style; MY niche. And to this, I will repeat the following to myself every morning. 

Step One: Be kind to yourself. - I may not have the classic Chanel flap nag of dreams, but that doesn't mean that I won't one day. 

Step Two: Be yourself, because an original is worth more than a copy.- I may have been lost, and now that I never want to be that person again; but that doesn't mean I need to be someone else. 

Step Three: Hard work brings success, not luck.- Although this may mean later night, awkward poses and fights with technology; only hard work will bring our dreams to reality. And we're ready for it. 

Step Four; Use social media as a positive influence.- Build OBK to be an outlet on social media which people aspire to and are inspired by.

The life Elvis and I have build is pretty special, and OBK is a reflection of that. With inspiration surging through us right now, we're excited to see what we can achieve this year. 

2017 is the year of belief, hard work and determination. And as cliche as it may sound; the year of OBK. I am sure of it.