Own the Morning

Two years ago, if someone had told me that I would have an alarm going off at 4am, and that alarm wasn't to get us ready for a taxi to go to the airport for a week of luxury and fun; well, I would have laughed in their face.

*Mornings would be even easier if the daily bedroom view was like the bottom picture! 

*Mornings would be even easier if the daily bedroom view was like the bottom picture! 

I used to loathe mornings. Really loathe them. I found the alarm rude, and would blame the screeching nature of the alarm for my terrible mood, which would usually last until 11am. Nore, that it didn't matter which alarm tone I used - the noise still made my skin crawl. So from the get up (literally) I was already in a negative mindset for the day ahead. 

These days I am the opposite. If I oversleep, I am generally quite irritable for n hour or so after leaving the house. The reason? My routine has been broken, and I have most likely had to skip either my morning workout, or have had to rush around like a mad person trying to get ready and leave the house to at least be on time for work; thus salvaging some order to my morning. 

Maybe this makes me a control freak, but hey. Since becoming a morning person, every aspect of life has become so much more enhanced, productive and above all, enthusiastic. My energy levels are at all time high. 

So how did I get here? How on earth have early mornings become the norm? Well I have 44 simple steps to my routine. 

1). The snooze button is the enemy!

Now everyone is different, but I cannot stand the snooze button. 'Just another 10 minutes', said 3 times, usually ends up with deep snooze; which has the opposite effect, leaving me more groggy and drained than I was half an hour before. So these days, when the alarm goes off, I roll over and turn it of and I jump out of bed. Well perhaps not jump if it was leg day the day before last, but you get the picture. 

2). Then drink 500ml of water

It is recommended that adults should aim to have between 7-9 hours sleep per night. This means, if you have managed to catch all those zzzs, your body will have been deprived of water and hydration for this long. So it is likely that you and your body will be feeling a bit drained, lethargic and perhaps even headachey. The reason? It needs water! Instantly after hudrating, I feel more awake and energised. Simple step, but oh my god, so powerful!

3). Workout

This could be a bit of a controversial one, as a morning workout is some people's idea of hell, but then again any kind of workout is also hell for others. 

For me, it is my mood booster. My preparation for the day; both mentally and physically. Not only do I workout to consistently push my body to it's limits, and mould it into the shape I strive for, it has a hugely positive effect on my mental health. Exercise is like a release. I release the negativity while pushing and sweating through, leaving me with only positivity for the day. 

4). Bath, breakfast and beautifying

Finally, there is nothing more satisfying that managing to leave the house fed, with careful well applied make up, and some sort of hairstyle other than "bedhead". I'm not adverse to the 'bedhed" look, but there is something a bit more refreshing about creating it with clean hair and products, rather the sporting the literal sense of the style. 

The best bit about all of this? The feeling of being toned, polished, rejuvenated, and ready for the day. Having started in a productive way, that mindset is now in motion to continue in this fashion for the rest of the day. Even at the weekend I am an early riser. I'm not saying I get up at 5am every day, but by starting the day early, the cobwebs are blown away, and I am ready for the day. The weekend is the time for fun, adventure and time with friends and family so why not cram in as much as possible! It's a win win situation right?

So, in summary. 

  • The key to becoming a "morning person" is routine
  • No snoozing
  • Keep hydrated
  • Love and appreciate that quiet time before the rest of the world is awake
  • Own it! 

Everyone is different, so I am not saying that this is the solution for everyone; or even a viable solution for those whose jobs dictate their sleep patterns. But it is something which has worked wonders for me, and so I encourage you to even try and adopt just one of my 4 step plan. 

Let us know how you get on!