The Beauty Edit #1.

Everyone has their ‘go to’ products. Those ‘would struggle to live without items’.

It’s every girl’s prerogative to look their best at all times. Well perhaps not their best, but at an acceptable standard in their own eyes.I ’m not saying we all leave the house with a full face of perfect make up each day, just to run to the shops, but we can’t deny that we do all make a bit of effort.  Well, here are mine.

1). Maybelline Erasure Eye; Perfect and Cover Concealer.

This is perhaps my number one product. It gets thrown on in the morning to cover the dark circles at the 4am gym session. Used as as a highlighting tool on the everyday make up look, and as a top up tool throughout the day when your make up seems to disappear from those head in hands moment. The circle sponge is a favourite too, making quick blending quick, easy and discreet. It’s an instant saver, and a product I will continue to buy as not only is is effective, it is also not extortionately priced.

2). Rimmel Wake Me Up; Anti Fatigue Foundation. 

Does exactly what the label says. This is a relatively light coverage foundation, perfect for layering up, depending in the time of day, occasion or the look you’re going for.

3). Bleach London:  Rose Conditioner

Since ditching the mermaid extensions and, somewhat ‘safe’, copper  ombre, this tinted shampoo is a must for keeping the pastel tint to my hair. You must be thinking, ‘Pastel hair, what pastel hair’. Well that is something for you to look forward to later this week, so keep an eye out for that post, based around all things rose and copper  hues. 

4). MAC Cosmetics: in Yash (Matte)

This is my ‘go to colour’ for every outing. Whether it be thrown on to go to the shops for some milk, or carefully applied along with some lipliner for a night out, this shade is my all time favourite, and one which continues to be replenished.

Highlighting Stick:

There is nothing fancy, branded or well, dishonest about this one. This product simply does what is is advertised too, and is perfect for creating both subtle highlights, as well as a more intense strobing effect.

What are your Go To Products? Let us know in the comments below!