Three Piece Suit; Edit #2

So in Part 1, we covered the formal tailor wear; now time to talk about the smart casual look. 

We all know a tailored blazer looks the part with some nice slim fit jeans and a shirt. I always go a size smaller for the blazer as it looks better undone rather than done up. If it’s big or loose you will be walking around like an old maths teacher. A waist coat can be worn with jeans and shirt, or even a t-shirt. I always go buttoned up with jeans and shoes, Chelsea Boots or even military style boots, laced up and tucked under the jeans. For a good summer look you can mix up some chino shorts, t-shirt, waistcoat, nice white canvas trainers and a trilby. Don’t be afraid to embrace the hat as so many do, be confident in what you wear. Trousers can, believe it or not, be worn with a nice t-shirt. When I say nice, a mean a knitted T; Jason Statham,  Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman wear this style well. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 19.59.46.png

So to clarify, always go for a tailored fit.

If you can’t afford tailored, then go for slim fit. It helps to buy your 3 piece separately, so that you can play around with the sizes; as a lot of complete suits are set sizes that never match. 

More Male. Style Edits to come. 

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