Three piece suit options. Edit #1.

Let me start by saying a three piece suit can be worn as a whole or as separate items for a more smart casual look. This is my theory and may not work for everyone. First I’m going to take you through my thoughts on the formal side.

So what’s in a three piece?

A blazer, trousers and a waist coat. That was the easy part. I believe there is only one important thing to remember when buying a suit and that is the words ‘tailored’ and ‘slim fit’. I can’t possibly stress this enough. To look your best you need to feel your best and a well fitted suit is always a winner. It gives the ‘there’s something about me look’. Where as a poorly fitted suit will just shout ‘this is me and I cant be bothered’. A good look is easily accessible, it shows that you have thought about your look and put in the effort; a bad fit looks like you have just rung your nan and borrowed one of your Grandad’s old whistles.

So what makes a bad fitting suit, let me break it down, a blazer that is to loose, sleeves that are to long, trousers that go past the ankle and gather at the bottom like an old pair of manor house curtains. Have you seen the film ‘BIG’ with Tom Hanks? When he goes back to being a boy at the end, yep, that … well maybe that’s exaggerating, but you get the picture...

A shirt isn’t exactly part of the three piece but we all know it comes with it so lets talk about that quickly. So lets start with the shirt sleeves, they should leave a little on show under the blazer, not to much mind, between 4 and 7 mm is a nice tidy length. If there isn’t this little bit poking out to say hey then your blazer will look too long in the sleeves and give the impression of you and little T-rex arms hiding in there. A nice cut away collar looks right at home with or with out a tie. So this brings us to the blazer itself. A long blazer in my eyes is a no no. It is a jacket of sorts, not a dress. I like the hem of the blazer to sit anywhere around the height of the trouser side pockets.

Here is a handy little tip, if you don’t fancy trying to match a silk hanky with your tie, or you leave it at home and realise at the event, just pull the breast pocket inside out and your have the perfect match for the blazer.

The waist coat wants to be hugging but not tight. This wants to sit just over the belt line. That just leaves us the trousers, slim or tailored fit, it’s an absolute must. Nothing screams confidence like a slim fitted suit. ‘This is me, this is my shape’. Its yours so own it.

Back to the trouser fit, the length is important; too long and you’ll be tripping on them all night. Too short and they will be the talk of the event, plus socks are not part of the suit. I think they look best just resting on the top of the laces, no lower than the bottom of the ankle bone.

So that is the formal side of the suit covered. Next time I’ll go over the casual side of the three piece, stripping it down to singular units and mixing it up with t-shirts, jeans and knitted t-shirts, military style boots, and even a trilby.

Once again thank you from me, Elvis, and we hope to have you back in a few days for Edit #2 of the three piece suit.

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