The Spring / Summer trends of 2017 were identified way back when, at the tail-end of last year at the varying fashion weeks around the world; namely London, Paris, Milan and New York. Of course, it is was only around very late February and early March that these trends started to hit the fixtures of the highstreet; giving us the opportunity to explore and experiment with these ourselves - I would say "weather permitting" but I would say a lot of us choose to ignore the weather in favour of a dainty ruffle to make us feel as though Spring is here, despite the imminent downpour. 

Now don't get me wrong - a few years ago, I completely would have been that girl. These days, my lifestyle is much more 'sensible' one could say; still full of excitement, but minus the bar hopping which of course needed an outfit to stand out. I almost shudder at the way I embraced a trend too much, resulting in the fashion victim look. Anyway, a story for another (never) time perhaps. 

So here is my pick of the Top 5, WEARABLE and 'BRTISH WEATHER READY' trends I have been adding into my wardrobe this Spring Season. 


IT'S BACK - although it is not like we can say it ever really left. The trench coat is a long standing classic trend in it's own right; I love the way this capsule piece is revived and revamped each year. This year sees the favourite back in an oversized manner, with a new colour palette to update the traditional (but never old) camel tones. As always, an essential for the oh so unpredictable British weather. 


Not so long ago, the only colours we would see on our instagram feed were black, white, grey with metallic accents. Those muted days are over; this season sees the return of bold colour, and all of us are being drawn in. Even I'm a self confessed monochrome lover, but have found myself buying all kinds of colour. 


DENIM on DENIM is one of those things which could be likened to marmite - you love it or you hate it. With such a variety on both the high end and the high street rails, it's hard not to love. An oversized denim jacket is one of the easiest and favourite throw on items; given that 90% of the time, I am wearing a form of denim, double denim is hard to avoid these days. 



Okay so this trend is not loved my men, that is for sure. When I proudly unveiled my new and first loafers purchase back in December, Elvis gave me a look. The 'what are they - ha ha' kind of look; which was quickly followed by the 'bear with me & you'll understand' conversation. 

The loafer and mule have become a god send for me - finally giving that easy to wear, but stylish shoe to throw on for those run around chores, when you're just not in the mood for trainers. This element is one which Elvis has fast grown to love, as previously, the "not in a trainer mood" usually meant tottering around town in oh so sensible (of course they weren't) strappy heels. This trend has brought a variety of embellishment and colour to these once, somewhat, plain shoe.





Jewellery is that element which can change the style or formality of an outfit in one swift clasp movement. Layering fine gold, with dainty charms & pendants; a trend so versatile, where the same set of necklaces can be worn with a bikini on the beach for that boho look and to add some detail and modesty to a low neckline for a night on the tiles.