Project #BodyBeautiful

It is no secret that I have abused my body over the years - I'm not talking the self harm kind which you can see; I am talking about my poor organs, and the bits on the inside which cannot be seen at face value.  Looking back to 2014; I used to be what can only (nicely) be described as a party girl, who was smoking at least 20 a night. The truth is that I was teetering dangerously on the edge of becoming a waster. I remember thinking, "It's cool - I'll be known as that edgy fun girl beautiful disaster type". What an absolute idiot. My skin was dry, so dry. It looked flat; matte, but not in the good way. I think I was looking almost grey some days from the lack of sleep and abundance of alcohol still lingering from the night before. My eyes were tinted yellow some days ( I know - warning signs right) and my body was far from slim and toned that is for sure. 

Skip forwards 3 years to 2017; I don't drink - no not even at the weekend, not even socially, not even on my birthday -  a concept so many still find hard to grasp. I try and train regularly, and try to fuel my body with goodness. I have said 'try' as this is the purpose of this post - of this project. 

In recent months I had not been happy within myself - I absolutely adore my life don't get me wrong. I am engaged to my best friend, who I am lucky enough to laugh with every day, kiss goodnight every night, and wake up with every morning.

Truth be told, i was starting to dislike me.  I had been slipping back into some bad habits in terms of food, and incredibly unhealthy habits to prevent the weight kicking in, but still allowing me to binge.  Essentially I had been trying to compensate (in oh so negative ways) for the way I had been feeling about myself. Stupid I know. But this is not a post about that. This is not about negativity or slipping back to the past- it is about finding that passion for my life again, about moving forwards to new and exciting journies with my number one. 

This is about the realisation; the wake up call.

Cue the  dressing gown being whipped off, and a long stare at myself in the mirror. I look a hell of a lot better than I did 3 years ago; there is definition to my arms, and to my stomach. There is slight muscle definition to my thighs, to my calves, and my bum is definitely not flat. My skin looks more hydrated, and my hair is looking healthy - still recovering from the years of extensions , the summer of bleach last year and shorted than I would like, but still healthy, and even bouncy. 

What else do I see? I see a 26 year old, ready to move from that awkward mid 20s bod, and towards that toned, strong, slim and long limbed figure of elegance I have always dreamed of. 

So; the action plan.

I have a new training plan - I've decided to follow BBG by the Instagram sensation Kayla Itsines - other people's results are pretty inspiring, and the BBG Community element is so motivating. 

So as of Sunday- as I actually sometimes find this a good day as any to start a a training plan: * I will be a BBG girl.

I will be using this social platform as a way of recording my progress, struggles, and exciting recipes I find along the way. Using social media to my benefit for once, rather than gazing and wishing I had someone else's reality.  

I will be recording everything as I believe this will make me THINK more; THINK about my actions and what i am putting into my body; MAINTAIN 100% effort throughout all workouts.

All flippancy aside; I am doing this for ME. 

My diet is in need of a bit of an overhaul. I sometimes cringe at the food i eat, in that sometimes the goodness is almost non existent. From now on, everything which goes into me, will be clean, and full of nutrients which my body can thrive on. I plan to follow a high protein diet, potentially slightly macro based at the following ratios:

Carbohydrates: 20% - Protein: 55% - Fats 25%

I have a tub of pea protein, and a tub of soy bean protein arriving next week to help boost my protein intake - let's face it, how much chicken an tuna really eat whilst balancing a training plan, a full time job, oh a social life and quality home time?! So a little cheat is not so bad here. And all plant based so keeping with the programme. 

For me, Body Beautiful is not just about what can be seen from the outside. It is every aspect of the body. This is why I am choosing to embark on a much cleaner, somewhat more plant based diet - I am by no means a nutrition expert, but am keen to try something new. 


The Summary Of This Post

  • I used to be extremely unhealthy in both diet and lifestyle.
  • I have been known to adopt unhealthy habits to aid a slim (ish) figure
  • I now no longer smoke nor drink
  • I have now made it a promise to myself to work for  "MyBeautiful Body", in a healthy fashion. Note my dream body is one which encompasses both physique and the bits and person inside. It is a  physique which I feel is achievable for me.. and as it is MY BODY and no one else's i will not be posting 'goal pictures', as these are pictures of other people, not ME. 
  • I am adopting a very clean, and nutrient filled diet. Think paleo, with some extra oomph. I want "that glow"! 
  • I will be following Kayla Itsines BBG 3/4 times a week. There will be with some additional strength training, and the daily practise of yoga. 
  • I will be thinking about my actions, in terms of food, skincare, haircare, and general wellbeing, all of which I think will contribute to a happier, healthy, kinder and more "ZEN" Pippa.
  • I will say repeat the following mantras to myself everyday.

As I said, this blog will be used as a diary of sorts; a record or MyBody Beautiful journey, and because of that, these posts will be unedited, raw and unmasked, which is likely to result in some rambling as above. So if you have made it this far, congratulations, and thank you for sticking with it.  Don't worry - a shorter word count will still be present on all other aspects of this blog. It would seem that when it comes to sharing my thoughts, I have a lot to say- usually about me and how I plan to progress. Does that make me a narcissist? It probably comes across that way, but I am merely keen to improve myself, reach my body beautiful, and share the journey.

I'm not expecting it to be easy, but I am expecting it to be real.


And as always, I will have the support, motivation and inspiration in the form of Elvis; my forever man and the best person I know. ❣️