Being stuck in a rut is something we are all too familiar with; even worse when we feel we have no signature style anymore due to one reason or another. 

Well I'm stuck. Not stuck in a uniform, but stuck in the unknown; stuck in a place where identity is missing. 

I feel like I have not had a style for about a year and a half.


My hair has changed from one extreme to another (a sure flashing warning sign of style being lost); my make up became heavier; my clothes did not look like mine, and getting dressed in the morning was anything but enjoyable. I had even started to dislike what I was looking at in the mirror everyday. Ironically, it is more common for this to be the case when you're naked, but for me it was when I was actually clothed - my physique is certainly at a better level than it was a year and a half ago that is for sure!

So fast forward a year and a half and here we are. After creating endless mood boards, saving countless images on Instagram and watching endless styling videos on YouTube; I am finally in a place where I know my style. I understand what suits me, what doesn't, and have created a style which is in line with my lifestyle. So how did I get to this point? Well it is simple really, although it did not feel like it at the time. 


Creating mood boards is an incredibly easy and effective way of identifying the colours and trends you are naturally drawn to. Slowly but surely, you build up a group of looks and styles, and for most, a common theme will be run throughout the 9x9. For me, it was denim, basics, tailoring, gingham, neutral tones, with an accent of red.

Get to know your body 

So this may seem like a strange one, but I bet that one of the reasons you are stuck in a rut is due to one of the following: 

  • Your body has changed as a result of training or lack of training. 
  • You are getting older - and do not feel comfortable in the clothes you once did.
  • You have been wearing the same style since you were 16. 

Once you know your body, shopping is easy. One of the big problems with being in a rut is that you find yourself trying on anything and everything; or convincing yourself that you will look just like the blogger in the picture when that 'it' top arrives - then realising that you are not 5ft 8 with slender legs up to 'here', nor do you have that flattering and fashionable flat chest, or those enviable arms.

BUT THIS IS OKAY! If we all looked the same, the world would be boring, and there would be a limit to how someone can style something to be their own. 

Identify your assets - which body parts are most flattering, and showing off which makes you most confident? Confidence is key to finding your style niche. 

Oh and that scenario above? Totally me a couple of months ago - for the record, I am 5ft 1(just) with more muscular legs, with some natural boobs and so non waif like arms. BUT, I've learnt from that mistake, which brings me onto number 3.

Pick 'N' Mix & Adapt

So you've identified your theme, and you've found your inspiration - now to mix it all up, and make your lusting work for you. 


The end game is getting that self confidence back. Your confidence is your individuality, and the thing that creates your signature.

That confidence to roll out of bed, into the shower, and be able to be put together without the stress, clothes thrown all over the room.

To be able to do your make up and it look effortless - in fact your whole look will look effortless, because, finally it has been just that. 


Style by OBK