#MyBody Beautiful. Take 1

It has been 2 days. 2 days and I have discovered that my willpower is ridiculously poor when it comes to breakfast-y type bars.

But there are worse things to frantically reach for in quick succession I guess. 

About a year ago, I had the clean and healthy eating habits cracked - I didn't even get those sugary cravings. So, of course the logical thing to do is to look back and assess what was different in the day to day than is now. The answer is simple; The "R" word. And by "R" word, I of course mean ROUTINE. 

Some people can function perfectly without a good routine - in fact they can thrive on chaos and "organised mess". This is not me. For my willpower to function, I need routine. Perhaps a bit weak, but we all need to start somewhere right? 

For example; this morning I jumped up, with the intention of doing a short 10minute yoga flow. Today was to be "Rest Day" due to the way the week is panning out. So far so good. I then proceeded to make a beautifully coloured, Instagram worthy tupperware container breakfast of fruit and oats. There was mango; there were blueberries; there were strawberries; and there were chia seeds. You get the picture. Again, so far so good. At 7.30am I was ready by the door, coffee in travel cup in hand, looking groomed and pretty together, feeling incredibly smug. 10 minutes pass. 15 minutes pass. Phone beeps and it turns out my lift is not going into the office today after all. So a day of working from it is. I know, I know - lots of people would jump at the chance to be able to do this, but I groan because there is a whole other routine for those days. And there it is - one change and my willpower went to pot. 

But there is always tomorrow. Back in the office and away from temptation. 

On the plus side, the exercise side of things is going incredibly well. I have smashed each of the workouts I have completed. And my God - is BBG challenging! Everything hurts right now.

So that day of recommended R&R and stretching? - I'm taking that. Every little bit of that. See there's an improvement already...