Ice Cream, Cave People & the Discovery of Glute Pain.

So it has been a week; well a week and a half, since I started paying close attention to my diet, and making a real effort with my training. And I have to say, it is going pretty bloody well. Some minor adjustments were made to the workout plan, to include more strength and weight training as this is needed to reach the physique I want to achieve. This has added variation though which is a good thing as this avoids the boredom and distraction I often find myself dealing with in the gym when I'm doing the same thing for a whole session. Pretty childlike really, but hey - nothing like embracing youthful tendencies to stay young forever like Peter Pan right? 

The diet; so far, okay. I mean I always knew the training would be easier to throw myself into that the eating side of things. My problem is greed; especially when it comes to cereal / flapjack bars. And ice cream (the definition of dairy - great job on avoiding this...) Oh god, the ice cream.- once I have one, or one bowl, I just won't stop. Correction - wouldn't. That was the past Pippa. This new Pippa can easily stop - she is in control. Ish. But things can only improve. 

I'm approaching Week2 full of optimism - I mean there is no other way to approach attempts to change habits any other way is there? I smashed the final workout this morning, before the 'Day of Rest' tomorrow. Okay perhaps a bit of a dramatic way to put it, but considering my walk resembles that of a penguin right now, it couldn't be here soon enough. Just think about that booty building into the bum you have never had and it will all be worth it... And now I'm sitting here at 05.37 writing this post - a soy bean protein shake in hand. Smug at my formers self is an understatement right now. 


With great gym workouts, comes new gymwear! Shop the hat here

With great gym workouts, comes new gymwear! Shop the hat here

So what have we learnt from Week 1? 

  1. Snoozing is the devil
  2. As is crawling back into bed post workout to grab an extra hour and a half of sleep time ahead of getting up at the last minute is ridiculous. 
  3. Avoid cereal / flapjack bars, for the time being until the control thing has been grasped
  4. Glute burn is the worst...satisfying, but the worst..
  5. Green tea seems to have the same effect on me as sugar does with a child  - winning!
  6. The cave people must have been very happy people, as I have certainly felt my mood boosted since eating clean and paleo like. 

All in all, I am certainly feeling more comfortable in myself - one teeny step closing to appreciating and reaching my kind of #BodyBeautiful that is for sure.