Outfit Lust; #1

You know when you accidentally put together the perfect 'you' outfit. You see it and realise that you have created something which epitomises your style. THEN you realise, you don't actually own it... yet. I checked the bank balance, but as expected, it is slightly out of reach. It's time to make some changes, and start a wardrobe fund - a bit of a new concept if I'm honest. 

So here it THE OUTFIT which has inspired this post, and the new leaf. 

The leather biker vest

by Topshop

The jeans

Orson by Topshop

The layered cami

by Patterson J. Kincaid

I've never really be "au fait" with the idea of saving for a specific thing;

especially when it comes to clothing. This probably comes down to the fact that I never usually get round to planning  wardrobe - don't get me wrong; I start with he best of intentions, but I am a consistent liability where money tends to burn a hole. I get over excited. I impulse buy. I arrive home with 5 skirts, and no tops. Yes this happened on my birthday earlier this year.

But I kid you not - I just had an epiphany. I NEED this outfit. The annoying thing is that about a month ago I could have owned this, but instead purchased all the white tops, and some impulse items. Oops. 

The statement shoe

by Topshop

The sunnies

by Acne

If you couldn't guess, my style is a mix of femininity, juxtaposed with washed / ripped denim, with some strappy & statement shoes, finished of with some leather and uniform sunglasses. 

I'd love to hear your tips for saving - please leave a comment with them below.

And as always, thank you for reading.